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Work smarter, not harder

For far too long the hairdressing industry has been plagued with low wages, staff shortages and increasing costs, which has made it challenging for stylists to take advantage of the growing demand for hairdressing services and products. We're here to change that, and offer a new way of working where stylists can earn their worth.

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More in your pocket

We believe it's about time hairstylists earn their worth and unlike some rent-a-chair arrangements, we don't take a portion of your earnings. Your earnings are all yours, leaving you more in your pocket or to put into growing your business.

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Easy commission

We take the hassle and cost out of inventory management and provide retail products for you to sell for 20% commission. Less time spent liaising with suppliers and stocking up, means more time spent on the floor earning for your business.

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Keeping costs down

With our all-inclusive and flexible rents, you can rent a chair without any large overheads or set-up costs. What's more, you get more time for appointments with everything bundled into one bill, supplies at your fingertips and retail products stocked-up ready to sell.

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Market Price Guide

Don't get caught in the trap of undercharging for your services to attract more clients, only to end up working harder for the same revenue. Every six months, we analyse market prices, and provide a Salon Price Guide to help you set your prices and optimise revenue.