By working together we thrive

Together we share skills, walk-ins and new clients fairly, and help each other with overflow if desired. What's more, with moral support, sounding boards and good company, your freelancing career will thrive!

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You do you!

Whether you're just starting out as a freelancer, looking to work more flexible hours or simply relocating, everyone brings a little something different to our community and we embrace that! 

There is a Salon Code of Conduct that all stylists are expected to sign up to, to ensure a professional, functional and enjoyable workplace for everyone. Apart from that 'you do you' and enjoy running your business how you want to.


What our stylists say...

Trace Hair Co


'Freelancing at Richfield's gives me freedom and flexibility while working in a salon environment. The different rental options have allowed me to work out what days work best for my clients and I love that all the colour and professional products are supplied'



'I love renting a chair here. It gives me the flexibility to study and continue my hairdressing career in a busy and beautiful location'

Style Angel


'I've rented chairs before but I love that Richfields is just for self-employed stylists. I feel I have the autonomy and support to run my business how I want. Also, being a busy Mum, I love I can just focus on my clients and not running a salon'

Practical support to help you grow...

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