Richfield Hairdressing is a co-working salon for freelance hairstylists. We are a community of small business owners who rely on each other to thrive, and therefore have a strict code of conduct for all freelance stylists working from the salon as well as salon employees. 


Adherence to this code ensures our community has a framework for ethical principles around decision-making and business behaviour which builds and sustains our integrity, a harmonious environment, reputation, and overall success.


General Behavioural Standards

We require that all freelance stylists’ and salon employees meet the highest ethical standards when working out of the salon which include:

  • Showing respect for all persons, whether salon employees, stylists or clients.

  • Present themselves in a professional and responsible manner. 

  • Treat all people equitably and fairly with a commitment to an inclusive co-working salon that is free from harassment. 

  • Ensure our fitness for duty, and the safety, health and welfare of ourselves and others in the space.

  • Not to engage in behaviours which may be unwelcome or may victimise, be offensive or humiliating to others regardless of whether this occurs face-to-face, in writing, via email or social media. 

  • Ensure our decision making is ethical. 

  • Meet our obligations to report suspected wrongdoing, including conduct not consistent with this code. 

  • Exercise proper diligence, care and attention.

  • Ensure conduct is integral and honest at all times.

  • Work together to support each other’s businesses.


Dealings with Clients

  • First and foremost, we require that all freelance stylists do not poach other stylists’ clients.

  • All freelance stylists must ensure that any stylist-initiated contact with other stylists’ clients is solely for the purpose of supporting their fellow stylist’s business and the salon i.e serving another stylists’ client if they walk-in by encouraging them to book with their usual stylist or selling them retail products if their normal stylist is not in the salon.

  • There may be occasions where the client wants to try another stylist. If such a client initiates contact with another freelance stylist in the salon for an appointment, the original stylist must be informed.


Fair Dealing

As we value diverse cultures, nationalities, genders, abilities, and beliefs, we embrace a strong belief in the advantages of an inclusive workplace in which individuals of varied backgrounds and perspectives are welcomed, encouraged, and given the opportunity to contribute to their fullest potential. Therefore, freelance stylists or salon employees, must not discriminate on the basis of origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, age or sexual orientation, or engage in any kind of verbal or physical harassment based on any of the above or any other religion. 


Honesty System

The salon operates an honesty system for stylist working out of the salon which means each stylist is trusted with, and responsible for;

  • Booking and paying for the days/weeks/hours they use a chair either in advance by using the ‘Spaces’ app, or by providing management with a weekly timesheet to salon management each Saturday for an invoice to be generated.

  • Paying for the supplies they’ve purchased from the salon either immediately through the ‘Spaces’ app or by providing a weekly list of products purchased to salon management each Saturday for an invoice to be generated.

  • Taking due care with the salon keys they are provided to ensure unsupervised access to the salon is limited to approved stylists and salon employees.


Cleanliness & Presentation

  • The salon will be cleaned thoroughly once a week by a cleaner, however each stylist and employee is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and keeping their own workstations and storage spaces clean.

  • The salon is a sustainable salon which means that specific waste must be placed in specific bins as this gets recycled. 

    • Large cardboard – goes in large purple bin out the back

    • Small cardboard & Paper – goes in bin under reception desk

    • Hair clippings – go in the bin in the kitchen

    • Plastics - go in the bin in the kitchen

    • Metal/Foils – go in the bin near the wash basins

    • General rubbish – goes in the silver bin in the kitchen or the red bin out the back (do not put general rubbish in the purple bin out the back)

  • Everyone working from the salon has a responsibility to make sure the salon is presentable and tidy.


‘First-in’/’Last-out’ Duties

The salon operates a ‘First-in/Last-out’ Duties’ policy whereby the first person in and the last person out, is responsible for completing the following tasks:


First-in Duties;

  • Put A-frame out on sidewalk

  • Put hand sanitiser out at front door

  • Put music on

  • Turn oil diffuser on at reception

  • Turn lights on in the kitchen and salon floor

  • Open front door 


Last-out Duties:

  • Bring A-frame and hand sanitiser inside

  • Turn lights off in kitchen and front of salon floor

  • Put the salon ipad and iphone on to charge

  • Turn the washing machine on to wash and dry capes

  • Make sure toilet door is locked

  • Lock front and back doors


Appropriate Use of Equipment & Facilities

All freelance stylists and employees are to ensure proper diligence, care and attention when using the salon facilities and equipment.

Salon Procedures & Policies

  • All freelance stylists and salon employees are responsible for their own conduct and are expected to keep up to date with salon policies and procedures relevant to maintaining a safe, harmonious, lawful and successful co-working space.

  • All freelance stylists are responsible for their own businesses’ legal responsibilities and proper governance.


Complaints Handling

In the event of a complaint being raised by a stylist or employee of the salon, the concern should be raised independently with the other party to try and resolve the issue first and foremost. Failing that, Salon Management will facilitate discussions between parties to resolve the issue, or for more serious matters, will carry out an impartial investigation into matters and take appropriate action for a resolution. 


Violation of the Code of Conduct

All freelance staff and salon employees are expected to adhere to the values, principles, policies and standards outlined in this Code, and any breaches of this code, can result in the rent-a-chair licence agreement being revoke or employment terminated.